Customised Labour market investigations

Investigating activity, earnings and specific requirements in labour markets


ECA’s ​Labour market investigation assessment reports provide detailed information about the labour market for identified work options.

Our labour market investigation assessment reports are produced by consultants experienced in researching work options in a range of different labour markets across Australia.

What does a Labour market investigation assessment report include?

Depending on requirements the issues addressed by the labour market investigation report may include:

  • General statistical information and other information about the work options from census data and labour force surveys.
  • Specific statistical information and other information about the work option in a particular defined labour market.
  • Information about the requirements of a specific representative job in the work option in the labour market

When are they used?

Labour market investigation reports are generally ordered by our clients as part of an earning capacity assessment so that they have reliable information about the labour market for any work options that were identified.

However, a labour market investigation report can be ordered as a stand alone report if you already have identified work options and are looking for an investigation of the labour market for those work options.

What do the labour market investigations involve?

The labour market investigations do not require any interviews or examination of the subject of the assessment.

If you are ordering labour market investigations as part of an earning capacity report nothing further needs to be done. All of the information required by our labour market investigators will have been obtained as part of the earning capacity report booking.

If you are ordering a ‘stand alone’ labour market investigation assessment report, all we need are the work options that you would like investigated and information about the types of information you would like the report to include. Our staff will discuss your requirements when you book the assessment.

How to order

Ordering an ECA Labour market assessment report is very easy.

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Review our list of labour market investigation assessments below and find the one that your area of insurance or legal practice.

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Sample Reports

For some of our products we have de-identified sample reports available for review. Please contact our office if you are interested in seeing a de-identified sample report.

Assessments reports for Labour market investigations

Below are full details of each of the customised Labour market investigations services that are produced by ECA’s team of expert consultants for different areas of insurance

NSW CTP/ Motor Accidents claims

NSW Civil Liability Act

NSW Work Injury Damages

NSW Workers Compensation Services

Total and Permanent Disability Life Insurance Services

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