Quality Assurance Strategy

Critical to ECA’s mission to deliver quality reports designed to withstand close scrutiny is our Quality Assurance Strategy. Quality assurance is not a single step in the production process - it is integral to every part of the referral management process. ECA adopts a multi faceted approach to ensure our clients have quality reports that are reliable for evidence based decision making.

Quality Assurance Manager

ECA has a dedicated Consultant Performance and Quality Manager who is an experienced vocational consultant and psychologist. The Consultant Performance and Quality Manager is responsible for ensuring that Case Officers and our consultants are applying the ECA guidelines in a consistent manner in addition to managing induction and training of new consultants and overseeing that all the steps of the quality assurance process are being closely adhered to.

Template Design

All of the earning capacity assessments produced by ECA use templates that are designed and refined on an ongoing basis by legally trained staff in consultation with our clients and our expert medical, psychological and vocational consultants.

Consultant Induction and Professional Development

All new consultants are required to complete an induction program. The program includes one-on-one coaching provided by staff experienced in delivering Earning Capacity Assessments. ECA have also developed a range of internal guidelines and other training materials for new consultants and ECA staff to ensure that assessment reports are produced in a consistent way to a consistent level of quality.

ECA is passionate about ongoing professional development for our consultants and regularly run courses and consultation sessions relevant to ECA work (e.g. Expert Evidence, Conclaves etc) to ensure that consultant knowledge is up to date and evolving with changing client and legislative requirements. We also offer our courses to the public – please check our website for any current events.

Report Review

Every report that is submitted by a consultant is reviewed by an ECA Case Officer for compliance with guidelines and general quality. Draft consultant report reviews are recorded in the ECA referral management systems to allow the performance of consultants and Case Officers to be monitored for consistency and adherence to the ECA guidelines.

Technical Assistance

All Case Officers are required to refer any complex or technical issues in a new referral or in draft consultant reports to a Senior Case Officer / Technical Staff member for discussion and resolution.

Any issues raised by clients are also referred to the Technical Staff for review and action.

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