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What does an integrated CTP/Motor Accidents assessment of earning capacity for psychological injuries include?

  • Assessment of psychological capacity for work by a Registered Psychologist
  • Assessment of education, training and experience and transferable skills
  • Selection of work options that are suitable having regard to capacity for work and other vocationally relevant factors
  • Detailed analysis of the match between the identified work option and the subject of the assessment
  • Investigation of relevant labour markets for the identified suitable work options
The assessment of psychological capacity includes:
  • Medical history and treatment received
  • Injuries reported
  • Current symptoms
  • Psychological requirements of pre-injury work or duties
  • Current capacity reported
  • Psychological assessment of functional capacity
  • Assessment of restrictions to be observed when working or performing routine activities
  • Ability to work full time or part time hours
  • Ability to travel
  • Ability to perform pre-injury work or routine activities

If you unsure whether the above description matches your requirements please call as our technical team are experienced in working with our expert consultants to produce reports structured to meet your precise requirements

What does the integrated earning capacity assessment involve?

In most cases all of the assessments can be scheduled to take place on the same day at the same location.

  • A psychological assessment by one of our Registered Psychologists.
  • An interview by one of our vocational consultant to assess vocationally relevant factors

If possible you should provide us with the medical/treatment file for the subject of the assessment.

A full list of the documents we recommend that your provide our expert consultants is included with our assessment booking acknowledgement letter.

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