Customised Injury Management Consultant (IMC) services and reports

Injury management consultant reports and services in the NSW Workers Compensation scheme.


Injury management consultants (IMCs) are registered medical practitioners approved by the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) to assist treating doctors and workers with their recovery and return to work.

ECA Injury management consultants are highly experienced in assessing a worker’s ability to establish the type of work that a worker is able to do and the best timing for any upgrades.

What does an IMC assessment include?

There are a range services that may be provided by an Injury management consultant. SIRA describes the services of an injury management consultant in terms of a three step approach.

Step 1

The injury management consultant will:

  • review your medical and rehabilitation reports, as well as any other relevant documentation regarding your condition
  • discuss your medical condition and your recovery at/return to work with your nominated treating doctor
  • discuss your capacity for work and assist with overcoming any barriers that prevent you from upgrading.

Step 2

They may also:

  • examine you
  • talk to other treating health professionals (for example, your physiotherapist)
  • talk with your employer and/or approved workplace rehabilitation provider (if one is allocated to the claim) about the workplace and the type of work you do
  • consider whether the work options offered by your employer are consistent with your capacity for work
  • discuss the NSW workers compensation system with you to answer any questions you may have
  • visit your workplace.

Step 3

Then, the injury management consultant will:

  • write a report that will be provided to you, your doctor, insurer and employer.
  • You should ask your doctor to discuss the report with you.

What the Injury Management Consultant does not do.

The injury management consultant will not:

  • give the worker advice about how to treat their injury
  • arrange treatment for the worker
  • take over from the worker’s doctor
  • discuss liability or impairment.

What does an IMC assessment involve?

Most of the Injury Management Consultant referrals we receive involve our IMC’s examining the worker and then contacting the nominated treating doctor to discuss their outcome of their examination.

A report of the examination and of the discussion with the nominated treating doctor is prepared.

However, if the circumstances require our IMC’s are also able to complete an IMC review of the worker’s medical file and discuss the results of their review with the nominated treating doctor. A report of the medical file examination and discussion with the nominated treating doctor will be provided.

How to order

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Sample Reports

For some of our products we have de-identified sample reports available for review. Please contact our office if you are interested in seeing a de-identified sample report.

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